Referral Bonuses

Referral Bonuses

bring your friends 300x205 Referral Bonuses

Boost your quarterly points by bringing NEW players to the games. You get 100 referral points for each new player. That includes if you are the one that talks a patron in the bar into playing for the first time! So get out there and spread the word! Just make sure you notify the director and mark “REF” in the bonus column of the sign-out sheet, next to your name.

A New Place 300x291 Referral Bonuses


If you frequent a bar/restaurant and think a free poker night is just what they need, talk to their owner/management. If they are interested in hearing more, get me their contact information or give them mine and I will arrange a sit down with them. If they end up hosting games for us, after their 4th week you will get a $100 cash referral bonus.


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